Friday, December 30, 2011

High Heels, Red Dress!

High heels and a red dress are the perfect outfit for most holiday parties!

This week has been full of fun holiday parties and the weekend hasn’t even started yet. I love getting the chance to dress up no matter what the occasions is. 

I chose to pair my dress with silver accessories including silver shoes. One of the benefits of wearing a solid color dress is that silver jewelry goes with everything color!


BTW we didn’t plan on matching! lol073
Here I am at one of my parties I attended this week.
 Red Dress
Are you going to any parties this week?
What are you doing for New Years Eve?
Most importantly what are you wearing to all of your parties?
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beautiful, Must Try Homemade Ornaments!

This year I participated in a home made ornament exchange at
White House Black Shutters.  I wanted to come up with an easy yet beautiful idea that I could share with all of you.

My first thought was I wanted to make something silver and shiny. That didn’t turn out well and to be honest I had made many failures before I found the perfect one to share with you.

So I changed my direction a little bit and chose something a lot less complicated.

I love the idea and the look of homemade snow flakes, but I wanted to make something a little different.  As I was pacing around my room and thinking about what to make, I started to clean up a bit so I wasn’t wasting too much time in the process.

While cleaning I stumbled upon an ornament just like this one!


Not knowing where it came from, I had a great idea! I will make this same exact ornament! lol Ok, so I cheated a little because I didn’t think of it myself but you have to admit that they are super cute! I found out later that my little sister had made it at her St. Nicolas Craft day party for her Home School Group (thanks Rachelle for the great idea).  I thought to myself, if a 12 year old can make it anyone can.


 I found some old music sheets and cut them into pieces. When cutting the paper make sure that there are 4 lines of notes.


Fold the paper into quarter or half inch folds. 


Fold in half.


Secure 2 ends with some sort of glue (I used a glue dot).


Like this!


And now the other side.


Continue these steps until you have as many as you want!

Here comes the easiest part, put them on your Christmas tree!

Have you ever made any ornaments?
What color is your Christmas tree?

Thanks for reading!


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Friday, December 23, 2011

Cute and Cozy Christmas Clothes

I love dressing up for the holidays although I don’t like to be uncomfortable either!

Christmas at my house is all about spending the day with the family remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season!

This year I chose black, stretch skinnies with a long, maroon, turtleneck sweater. I paired with a black necklace, a black belt and a black cardigan for a very dressy yet comfortable Christmas outfit!


What did you wear this Christmas?

Thanks for stopping by!


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Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday was our first real snow fall!

I love waking up in the morning and seeing everything of white! It reminds me of a winter wonderland.

This time of year brings out so many magical moments to remember. Take a snowflake for instance; it is so small and delicate, yet so beautiful and unique. 

The most important thing about the winter season is making sure you take the time to see and enjoy all of the little things and winter brings!



What is your favorite thing about winter?
Do you enjoy the little things that life brings?

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Says Black and Brown Don’t Match?

Lets talk about wearing the colors black and brown together.

If you were to ask 100 people if they thought that black and brown matched, I would guess that at least 50 of them would say the don’t match.

Well, I am one of the 50% that think it does!

As long as the black and brown are either both solids or accents colors, I know it will go very well.

Black goes with every other solid color so why not brown?

Just make sure that all of the different color browns are in the same tone family!



What are your thoughts on black and brown?

Do you think they match?

Have you ever worn the two colors together?


Now it’s time to join in the fun, leave a comment and let me know what your opinion is!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last Minute Shoppers

Are you still looking for that perfect gift? Look no further! Instead of running around in the cold sit down in your own home and give the gift of health this holiday season.

Here are a few gift ideas I would like to share that I thought you might like:

Energizing Soy Protein in Cocoa or Cinch® Shake Mix in Chocolate for healthy hot chocolate along with a warm hat, scarf, and gloves.

Enfuselle® Moisturizing Shower Gel, Ultra Moisturizing Shea Butter Cream, and a Bath Sponge in a pretty shower caddy or with a set of monogrammed towels.

Get Clean® Fresh Laundry Concentrate & Soft Fabric Concentrate with a set of bath towels.

Shakleebaby™ Personal Care Products with some fun tub toys, or a set of baby clothes, blanket, diapers, etc.



Happy Shopping!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Bavarian Hot Chocolate!


When the temperature starts to drop and I want to warm up, thoughts of hot chocolate come to mind.  For most people the drink of chose might be coffee or tea, but as long as I could remember hot chocolate has been one of my favorites drinks on a cold winter day. 

There is no better way to heat up the day than gently holding a warm cup of hot chocolate with both your hands. The real joy comes from taking sips of the delicious coco as it slowly warms the heart and fills your belly!


That’s right, this cup of joy contains an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein. It weighs in at just 240 calories per serving when mixed with low-fat milk. It not only provides 35% or more of the Daily Values for 23 essential vitamins and mineral including 7 grams of protein, but it is also a rich source of calcium and it is low glycemic.

All you need is:

8oz of Milk
1/4 Cup Bavarian Cocoa (Meal Shakes®)

For a Great Holiday Drink, you will also need:

1/4 Cup Irish Cream
Whipped Cream

Bring milk to a light boil add the Bavarian Cocoa

Mix with a whisk…

Serve and enjoy!

For all of the Cinch Challengers out there, you can do this with your Chocolate Cinch as well. I would suggest adding a little extra coco and stevia! I know that you are going to love it as much as I do!


What is your favorite Holiday Drink?
Are you a chocolate lover like me?

Thanks for reading!


Now it’s time to join in the fun, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Everything but the Office!

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to my 2nd Fashion Friday!

I hope you are ready for a great weekend because I know that I am!

One of the coolest parts about owning my own business is being able to work from home on my own time! I get to make all of my appointments around my own schedule and decide how much money I want to make a year, a month or even a week! The possibilities are endless, just like my wardrobe!

Even though I work from home I love getting all dressed up to meet my clients, members and most importantly, my team!

I love the whole idea of a button down top tucked into a pencil skirt with a belt and bright heals for a pop of color! It is fun and sophisticated. Add a few accessories and you are on your way to the top of your corporate ladder.

Always remember to dress for the position you want to be in not the position you are currently at!
206 217239 224 227

Do you work from home?

Do you determine how much money you are making?

Would you like to work from home?

I would love to work with you from home! If you are thinking about “working for yourself but not by yourself” then fill out the form below for more information! 

Thanks for reading!


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