Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Says Black and Brown Don’t Match?

Lets talk about wearing the colors black and brown together.

If you were to ask 100 people if they thought that black and brown matched, I would guess that at least 50 of them would say the don’t match.

Well, I am one of the 50% that think it does!

As long as the black and brown are either both solids or accents colors, I know it will go very well.

Black goes with every other solid color so why not brown?

Just make sure that all of the different color browns are in the same tone family!



What are your thoughts on black and brown?

Do you think they match?

Have you ever worn the two colors together?


Now it’s time to join in the fun, leave a comment and let me know what your opinion is!

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  1. I remember hearing brown and black doesn't match, but now I'm seeing it all the time, and I love it! Your outfit is cute! I really like those boots and your dress with the belt.

  2. Lisa, I use to think the same thing! Thank you for the compliments!

  3. Love! I am just starting to wear black and brown together and love it! Cute outfit!

  4. I LOVE your piano. Just clicked on your link at The Pleated Poppy! Your blog is darling!

  5. i love black and brown together I'd love you to add this to my What We Wore and Made Party over at


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