Monday, December 12, 2011

Bavarian Hot Chocolate!


When the temperature starts to drop and I want to warm up, thoughts of hot chocolate come to mind.  For most people the drink of chose might be coffee or tea, but as long as I could remember hot chocolate has been one of my favorites drinks on a cold winter day. 

There is no better way to heat up the day than gently holding a warm cup of hot chocolate with both your hands. The real joy comes from taking sips of the delicious coco as it slowly warms the heart and fills your belly!


That’s right, this cup of joy contains an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein. It weighs in at just 240 calories per serving when mixed with low-fat milk. It not only provides 35% or more of the Daily Values for 23 essential vitamins and mineral including 7 grams of protein, but it is also a rich source of calcium and it is low glycemic.

All you need is:

8oz of Milk
1/4 Cup Bavarian Cocoa (Meal Shakes®)

For a Great Holiday Drink, you will also need:

1/4 Cup Irish Cream
Whipped Cream

Bring milk to a light boil add the Bavarian Cocoa

Mix with a whisk…

Serve and enjoy!

For all of the Cinch Challengers out there, you can do this with your Chocolate Cinch as well. I would suggest adding a little extra coco and stevia! I know that you are going to love it as much as I do!


What is your favorite Holiday Drink?
Are you a chocolate lover like me?

Thanks for reading!


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