Monday, January 2, 2012

The Perfect Holiday Drink!

One of my favorite drink during the Christmas season is Bailey’s Irish Cream and milk!

This is nothing better than sipping on a rich glass of ice cold creamy milk to make the holidays bright!  Now think of that same glass of milk with Bailey’s Irish Cream… Can you taste it yet?  I know that I can!

Ok here’s what to do:

1. Fill your glass half way with ice.
2. Now fill your glass half way will Bailey’s Irish Cream.
3. Next fill your glass the rest of the way up with milk.
4. Stir and Serve!

Yep that’s all! You will blow all of your guest away with this very easy yet delicious drink!


What is your favorite Holiday Drink?
Have you ever tried Irish Cream and milk?

Thanks for reading!


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