Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coordination Is Key!

One of the most important things to remember when picking out your clothes is making sure that they coordinate. No matter what colors you choose to wear, you will need to make sure that everything matches.  To really make things fun you can even add a pop of color!

One of my favorite things about clothes is being able to show your true style! I truly believe that you can tell a lot about one’s character through what they wear.

Black and grey are my two favorite coordinating colors!

Black Dress with Long Grey Sweater, Black Belt and Grey Boots 2Black Dress with Long Grey Sweater, Black Belt and Grey BootsLong Grey Sweater with Black BeltLong Grey Sweater With a Black BeltGrey Boots

What are your favorite coordinating colors?

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  1. love this look thanks so much for adding it to my What We Wore and Made Party!

  2. The boots are absolutely adorable, I always see people wearing the cutest boots and can never find them when I go to the store to buy some!!

  3. I have to admit that gray and black are my favorite combination too! But, I have really been loving black with a darker reddish brown. I am loving your gray cardigan! I just love the way it drapes, too cute. I have decided cardigans are my security blanket this winter. I wear them with pretty much everything. Anyway, great look!


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